Posted by: soniahs | August 27, 2010

Friday bunnyblogging

As an older rabbit- she just turned 8- Noe spends a lot of time sleeping. She has a few favorite spots: under the tables, in front of the kitchen, on the bathroom floor next to her feeding station, etc. Being under the table probably helps her feel secure, and by being in the kitchen she can keep an eye on the refrigerator- very important.

bunny in bathroom

This is apparently comfortable.

Another spot has been more of a problem. Since rabbits are territorial, we’ve had conflicts in the past over the bed. Clearly, the bed is the humans’ space, so she has to assert herself by sprawling on it. Sometimes when we’re in bed, she’ll jump up and scratch at us to get us to move over, or even nip if she’s feeling ornery. It was actually much worse before she was fixed- she would pee on the bed to mark her territory- every day! Truly a dark and stinky period in the human-bunny relationship…

Nowadays, she has her “own” bed, in the guest room/office, so this is less of an issue:

Bun napping on bed.

If you look at the Robin pillow, you'll see tiny teethmarks. Apparently, he is quite tasty...

Unfortunately, it disturbs her now when we have overnight guests. Her usual method of torment is just to wake people up at the crack of dawn by shredding newspaper or climbing on them, so at least she’s matured from her wild adolescent days. Eventually, she gets bored and hops off to bother us, because we’re the ones who feed her. All we have to worry about for the most part is shed fur, the occasional stray poo (pretty odorless and about the size of a Kix cereal), and the rare savaging of a pillow.



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