Posted by: soniahs | August 28, 2010

Mystery abyss opens at UCF

On Friday August 27, at some time between 1:30 and 3 pm, this mystery hole- complete with brass poles and “caution” tape- appeared in the deck behind the UCF Student Union.

Note the brass poles and extra "caution" tape left on the chair.

Where did this hole come from? A burst water pipe? Erosion from the summer rains?

Perhaps a new sinkhole in the karst terrain of central Florida?

Or less likely- a very angry gopher tortoise? UCF’s very own Hellmouth?

Though narrow, the hole was deep and tunnel-like.

Why the brass poles? Are they akin to the velvet ropes of the bouncer, designed to keep party-crashing demons from erupting out of the abyss?

And why leave the roll of tape in place? Was the hole expected to grow?

All I can say for certain is that in the 20 minutes I was eating my lunch nearby, a UCF police officer and Student Union administrator both stopped by to photograph the hole. Neither offered comment to the curious onlookers.

And so, I pass this experience on to my readers. One day, perhaps, the answer will be known.


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