Posted by: soniahs | September 3, 2010

Friday bunnyblogging

Noe and statue

Noe thinks childbirth looks disturbing anyway.

One of the things that seems to throw people most about Noe (after the “How did you train her to use a litter box?” question) is the fact that she’s fixed. Even people who own neutered dogs and cats are apparently weirded out by this. Which is odd- she’s a decent-sized animal, so it’s not like neutering a gerbil or something… which could be a technical challenge, I guess.

Female rabbits can live upwards of 10 years- if you get them fixed. Being r-selected critters, they’ve evolved to breed fast and furiously- they live fast and die young. For females, this exciting lifestyle also means various types of uterine cancer at a young age. Though rabbits in the wild generally don’t have to worry about this since they’ve probably been nommed by a raptor or something already.

So no babies for Noe. Besides, that would take everyone’s attention away from her…



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