Posted by: soniahs | October 1, 2010

Friday bunnyblogging

Young rabbits, like any young animals, are destructive machines. It’s especially bad for bunnies, because they have a penchant for biting through any stray electrical cords. This is probably because they’ve been domesticated from European rabbits, who live in burrows. If you’re a burrow-dwelling animal, any hanging root can be a choking hazard (see Watership Down), so rabbits have an instinctive drive to chomp through them and move them out of the way. Needless to say, this behavior does not translate well to the modern home or office, where they can be electrocuted.

Noe never shocked herself (at least badly), but did manage to destroy several phone chargers and an Apple power cord before we got the hang of complete bunnyproofing. But she has other destructive impulses that have been harder to curb. Mainly, these center around chewing and digging (more on that later).

A cute scene, until you notice the gnaw marks on the books. She's especially fond of the glue in the bindings.

The worst is when she attacks borrowed books- though I still think Dad overreacted to that chunk she took out of his DeLillo book- really, it wasn’t that big of a hole.

She was fascinated by wet umbrellas, until we moved to a place with a screen porch, where she can sit in the rain as long as she wants to.

But a lot of the time her curiosity is non-destructive. And cute.



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