Posted by: soniahs | October 12, 2010

Missing link discovered between rabbits and humans!

Well, not exactly. One of my pet peeves about the creationist movement is their obsession with “missing links” in the fossil record, which are NOT just a symptom of the fact that fossilization is rare, but in fact evidence that scientists are lying and just trying to make fools out of us because everyone knows they’ve discovered dinosaur tracks in Texas right next to human tracks and anyway that was only 3,000 years ago of course…


Here is a news release about researchers at the Florida Museum of Natural History, who have been analyzing an extinct species of North American lemur thought to share a common ancestor with rabbits and primates, Labidolemur kayi. The skeleton is from Wyoming, not Florida, and it’s about 55 million years old. Pretty cool.

The red jerky-like substance in the photo below is resin holding the skeleton together.



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