Posted by: soniahs | November 5, 2010

Friday bunnyblogging

We had a traumatic day this week- the maintenance guys came in to the apartment to check the fire alarms, furnace, and stove (yes, we do have a furnace in Orlando, and yes, we have used it.) Noe was peacefully sleeping when this occurred, and she tends to freak out when unexpected loud things happen and she’s napping. And the fire alarm is really loud.

To make matters worse, there were two maintenance guys (the appearance of multiple people at once bugs her ,) with a ladder (she hates ladders, for some reason). It was not fun for her at all. There was mad dashing, thumping, and hiding in a box. Finally, I locked her into her cage so she wouldn’t accidentally dash underfoot.

Bunny eating

She got Petromalt and veggie treats after it was over, of course. But we were not allowed to pet her for several hours. I fear that she blamed me for the whole experience…



  1. You and Noe will be able to relate to Sweetie Pie’s reaction upon the arrival of Frey’s first guests at the Pre-Halloween party this last Friday. It was the first time ever she actually ran TOWARDS and INTO her box (sory for the caps, can’t get italics to work). And she refused to get out of her prison until the last guest was gone. This, from a usually ur-social mongoose…
    A bunch of five-year-olds approaching will do that to anyone, is my guess.

  2. Yeah, Noe doesn’t like kids, either. I think they’re closer to her size, so scary. She is generally OK with adult-sized humans, unless large noises and stomping is involved…


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