Posted by: soniahs | November 19, 2010

Friday bunnyblogging

So, we had some bunny drama this week. Long story short, Noe ended up with some issues with…shall we say, producing sufficient quantities of poo. Bunny physiology requires the furry little eating machines to keep fiber moving through their systems at a pretty good clip, and a bunny who can’t poop generally ends up a dead bunny in a matter of days.

Noe never got to that point, but she did have to go to the vet twice, and is currently on gut motility drugs to help her poop (which, apparently are sugary and very delicious, so there’s no problem with giving them to her, unlike other medicating experiences which have been traumatic for everyone concerned…)

Trip #1 to the vet was on Monday morning. We updated her x-rays (she has arthritis, so this is just something we’ll have to keep track of over time), and she got her meds. I’ll try to actually post the x-rays here at some point. Trip #2 was yesterday, because she was still not up to her usual poo volume, and was still clearly uncomfortable- we did some bloodwork on this excursion. (Highlight vet quote: “Her poop is a much better size today!”)

So, in total, about $500 was spent, we got some new x-rays done, and Noe is doing better overall. The cause of the digestive problems was probably a combination of general arthritis flare-up discomfort, too much fruit (no more nibbles of that for a while), and eating foam out of the chair cushions (yes, the bunny is quite stupid at times).

Oh, and apparently she is so good about holding still when getting poked and prodded by the vet that they are really surprised that she is such little beast about being picked up at home. Sigh.



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