Posted by: soniahs | December 9, 2010

Some notes

A few comments:

I’ve passed my third and final candidacy exam! Now, on to proposing a research project. I’ll certainly be talking more about that in the upcoming weeks…

Today, I’ve added some portfolio items to this site. There’s also now a new “my portfolio” tab at the top. This includes some science visualizations, web-based projects, and excerpts from a few course papers. This has all been on another site up till this point, and I figured I should get it all in one place. The issue with some of the materials is that they’re pretty large visuals, so I’m trying to think of the best way to include it here. I’m a bit limited by the WordPress template, and will have to put some more effort into figuring out the best way to present this sort of material.

I’ll be posting in the next few days about a semi-pilot (if that’s a real term) study on interactive science visualizations that I did this semester. What I wanted to look at was whether a specific type of interactivity in phylogenetic trees helps people learn relationships better than simply looking at a non-interactive diagram. More on that soon.

Also, look for a special Friday bunnyblogging gift guide this week, for that special rabbit in your life!


  1. Hey Sonia! So nice to see you again, if only online for now. 🙂 Hope you are well. I dunno if you noticed but I have a couple bunnies as well. The thought of a special Friday bunnyblogging gift guide is very exciting to a new bunny owner. Will have to check in again. :). BTW, cheers to passing your candidacy exam!

  2. Thanks! Good to hear from you too. Hopefully the bunny guide gives you some ideas 🙂


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