Posted by: soniahs | December 24, 2010

Friday bunnyblogging

A bored bunny is a destructive bunny. I’ve always thought that Noe would make an excellent paper-shredder. Who needs one of those fancy machines when you have your own furry agent of entropy on hand?

I can haz entropy?

The second law of thermodynamics states that spontaneous natural processes increase the entropy of a system. Rabbits are excellent at creating disorder. They are little entropy machines, taking plants, chopping them up, compacting the remains into little balls, and extracting energy to use for destruction. If she was a D&D character, she would be chaotic neutral.

This took place in about an hour one day, when she was feeling especially frenetic. We no longer keep old newspapers where she can get to them. It’s apparently great fun, but really a pain to clean up.



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