Posted by: soniahs | December 31, 2010

Friday bunnyblogging

My recent blogging hiatus comes from a very needed vacation that ended up being more vacationy than expected. I’ll write more about hiking in future posts… Currently a bit jet-lagged, but wanted to post something about Noe, who was mostly good while we were gone.

petting Noe

It's about time you got back...

While Noe has an excellent bunnysitter who comes over twice a day, she still gets bored and destructive. This time, apparently she got into some of my bank statements, which were foolishly in her reach (but which had never been interesting before,) and ate the tassels off of a small carpet in the kitchen. At least the latter seems to have caused her no ill effects, the idiot. She seems not to have destroyed any pillows or carpet or managed to get up onto the dining room table, so that’s nice…

But now she is all about the forehead rubs. And parsley.



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