Posted by: soniahs | January 7, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging

According to Yan, one of the more stressful events that occurred when we started dating was the time I asked him to bunny-sit for Noe for a week. Apparently, petsitting for a new datee can be seen as a rather stressful test of responsibility (definitely not intended!) Add to that that the first thing Noe did, when let out to explore his apartment, was to jump onto his couch and pee on it to mark her territory…

Anyway, Noe eventually decided that she liked Yan, especially when he began to bribe her with yummy treats like leftover guava juice.

Of course prunes are her favorite, but guava is apparently acceptable. Here she is, licking her chops.

Oh, and the pee incident only happened once. Which I’m sure helped Noe win Yan over 🙂


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