Posted by: soniahs | January 31, 2011

What is that little ‘a’ with the circle around it? ‘At?’ ‘About?’

I just found this via Sociological Images and just had to post it. It’s a “Good Morning America” “Today Show” clip from 1994, in which Bryant Gumbel, Katie Couric, and a co-host try to decipher the ‘@’ symbol and explain what the ‘Internet’ is. They eventually have to ask one of the (presumably) tech guys behind the scenes for help.

So you have some context, this sure-to-be-a-classic conversation took place after the January Northridge earthquake in California.

Does this mean the “series of tubes” description is pretty historically recent?

Feb. 3: Looks like this Youtube video has been deleted- hope you got a chance to see it!


  1. Whoa. That was very much a slice of a specific time.


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