Posted by: soniahs | February 10, 2011

Florida state parks safe- for now?

This (mostly) good news update comes from Florida Audubon. Apparently, state budget cuts will be directed in a way that does not mean closing the 53 parks previously targeted for closure.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be massive cuts to funds for managing public lands. There’s a massive budget shortfall to make up for, and the governor and legislature want to cut corporate property taxes on top of that (FL noes not have a personal income tax, so property taxes essentially fund state government). So that means big cuts to schools, social services, land management, environmental protection, etc.

With that in mind, I’ll try to keep posting about the Florida parks on that closure list, if only to get the word out that they’re there to visit. Here’s a soothing photo of Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park, which I haven’t been to: it’s in the Keys, and you need a boat to get to it. Maybe something to combine with the ever-elusive spring birding in the Dry Tortugas trip some year…

Lignumvitae Key (FL Parks)



  1. Sonia, you are encouraged to post your personal photos of our state’s imperiled public lands on Audubon of Florida’s Florida’s Special Places Facebook Page here:

    Together, we can help raise awareness of our wonderful (and threatened) natural lands.

    Have a great day! Love your blog!

  2. Just saw your post! Thanks so much! Keep in touch! : )


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