Posted by: soniahs | February 11, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging

Here’s a photo from the past: Noe, circa 2004, in Honolulu.

Our apartments in Honolulu never had air conditioning- usually the trade winds make it unnecessary. However, sometimes the trades stop, and it gets hot and humid- bad weather for bunnies. Our last apartment in Honolulu also didn’t have a great cross-breeze at floor level, because the windows were pretty high up.

A common pose

Knowing that pets usually really hate electric fans (or at least cats do, my major pet experience at the time), I was really concerned about introducing Noe to a fan to help her cool off. I shouldn’t have worried- she absolutely loved the fan. She was a little concerned the first time, tiptoeing up to it and sniffing away. But then when she realized it was pretty much staying in one place (unlike the evil, evil vacuum cleaner), she flopped down right in front of it.

From then on, whether the fan was on or off, she would lay down in front of it. Sometimes, we’ll feel guilty that the fan is off, and turn it on just for her.

Obviously, air blowing on her ears is just fine with her. And she’s never tried to chomp on the electrical cord, as she does with other cords- though we definitely do keep an eye on that.

She still likes the fan, though nowadays the blue ice is her favorite nap “companion.” All that great condensation to get on her fur, I guess.



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