Posted by: soniahs | March 18, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging: Noe’s many interests

Contrary to what you might believe about rabbits, they have many and varied interests. In this photo, you can see evidence for Interest #1: Gnawing. In no particular order, her other interests include (but are not limited to): eating, exploring, frolicking, napping, pooping, digging, getting the humans’ attention, and warning the humans of danger. These will be covered later.

How many things in this photo has Noe been chewing on? Answer below.

Gnawing is good practice for one of her other interests, eating. It also helps file down her ever-growing teeth. She also gnaws on wood when she has poor gut motility- one reason why you should always provide a bunny with lots of yummy, high-fiber hay.

So how many things in this photo has Noe been chewing on?

  1. Stack of magazines on table
  2. Paper towel roll, provided to distract her from bookshelf
  3. Bookshelf (lower shelf and upright)
  4. Cardboard, subsequently placed over bookshelf to prevent damage to bookshelf


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