Posted by: soniahs | April 22, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging: Noe’s many interests (part 5)

Yes, we have now come to what is perhaps the easiest bunny behavior to document: napping.

  1. gnawing
  2. eating
  3. exploring
  4. frolicking
  5. napping
  6. pooping
  7. digging
  8. getting the humans’ attention
  9. warning the humans of danger

While Noe has a few favorite places to nap, she’ll pretty much nap anywhere. Her favorites currently are on a chair under the dining room table and under a chair on the porch. Lately, she’s been crawling between the side of the bed and the blanket that drapes over it down to the floor, and napping there. Though that has to get pretty hot for her.

Like cats, rabbits can nap pretty much anywhere.

Wild rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk, and those are also Noe’s preferred active times. But she can also be up and around during the day and after dark, especially if we’re doing things that suggest there’s even the remotest chance she might get a snack (like walking to the kitchen). The rest of the time, she naps.

The bathroom floor is conveniently located next to her hay bin.

Rabbits do sometimes sleep with their eyes open- they’re alert little critters. Noe will often nap with her back to a wall, so she has a good view (though her sense of hearing is more important) of the room. She also likes sleeping in doorways, so she can keep an ear to each room.

Extreme velvety nose close-up!

Probably the cutest thing she does is go into REM sleep and dream. Her nose and whiskers start twitching, her ears move back and forth, and she makes little chewing motions. She’s usually in “loaf mode” when she does this, so we don’t see paw twitching like sleeping dogs have. But it’s still very cute.

We don’t have good bunny dreaming videos, so here’s a random one from YouTube. Use it for a Friday moment of relaxation.


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