Posted by: soniahs | May 13, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging: Noe’s many interests (part 7)

Continuing down the list, bunny behavior number 7 is digging:

  1. gnawing
  2. eating
  3. exploring
  4. frolicking
  5. napping
  6. pooping
  7. digging
  8. getting the humans’ attention
  9. warning the humans of danger

Digging is a natural- and important- behavior in European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus), the rabbit species our domestic bunnies are part of (there are actually 19 rabbit species!). This species lives in groups in elaborate tunnel warrens in the wild.

House rabbits who don’t have access to the outdoors still have the instinct to dig. For Noe, this means either digging madly at the newspaper in a corner of her cage, digging her way under our blankets, or clawing her way through a pillowcase so she can squeeze between it and the pillow. We strongly try to discourage that last behavior!

This video shows some serious bunny digging action (has sound):

I have to say that someone who would let their rabbit do this to their lawn is a really dedicated pet owner.


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