Posted by: soniahs | June 24, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging: The Hunter

The hunter seeks his prey.

Cautiously, he moves through the darkened forest. He knows his prey’s habits: the places she rests, her watering hole, the forest glades in which the succulent herbs that she favors grow. It is only a matter of time before he finds her.

Soon, he begins to see signs of her presence: a single dropping, a tuft of fur, toothmarks upon a branch. The marks are fresh.

He creeps around a corner.

There! She dozes, secure in her lair, confident that she is safe. …Foolishly confident.

Stealthily, he slowly moves toward her. It would not do for his prey to bolt.

The beast is dreaming- paws and lips twitching. Does she dream of sinking her teeth into a large carrot, juices dripping down her chin? Or perhaps of munching on some peppery arugula, its scent flavoring her breath? He does not know. While her eyes are open, he knows they see only the dream-vegetable feast before her.

The hunter creeps closer. If he can only reach out and…

A sharp <crack>! He clumsily steps upon a twig. The sound pierces the dim quiet.

The beast hears! She is instantly alert.

The hunter’s stealth has been in vain!

Now the chase will begin. His legs gathered beneath him, he prepares to leap. Which way will she run? He can only follow, as her instincts lead him on a mad chase for survival.

Ears taut with fear, the prey leaps up…

… and goes back to sleep.

The hunter sighs. There is no sport in this.

He puts the camera down.

Now it is time for forehead rubs.

(photos by Y. Fernandez)


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