Posted by: soniahs | September 23, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging

I missed last week’s post, but never fear, Noe is doing fine. Her latest hobby is nibbling on Yan’s students’ homework while he’s grading. Little brat. She ignores my students’ homework- I guess she prefers calculus to the essay format.

If you're not going to eat that, I'll try it!

We did have her vet exam last week, and her arthritis is a bit worse than it was last year (not unexpectedly). Unfortunately, she’s starting to get cataracts, so her vision’s getting worse. This hasn’t really affected her getting around, but we’ve been noticing that she’s more easily startled than she used to be. So that’s a bummer, and a reminder that she’s getting older. But the rest of the exam was mostly fine.

We may have to start feeding her more pellets or alfalfa, because she’s lost some muscle tone. It seems to be in the area around her arthritis, along her spine. Maybe giving her a bit more protein will help with that. She’s now a bit over 9 years old, so definitely in the elderly pet stage of life.



  1. Aww your mini-rex is beautiful, one of my buns Fluffy was also 9 and she just passed away.


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