Posted by: soniahs | October 28, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging

This week, Noe got a festive Halloween-themed orchard grass wreath from Bunny Bytes.

Noe's festive autumn wreath.

She was all excited about it until she realized that we’d also bought some bunny biscuits. Yan made the mistake of feeding her one and letting her see the bag, which he put onto the small table (which she can easily climb onto) while she ate.

Next, it was all “OMG, I know you have more, I saw the bag, where is it, I saw it, I want it, is it up on the couch, it’s not on the couch, is it under the couch, I want it, it was on the table, why can’t I go on the table, it must be on the table, it’s not on the table, where did it go, I know I saw it, you are freaking me out you guys, where is the bag, I WANT IT, BUNNY BISCUIT!” (with crazy nose-twitching)

Now she’s resting on the porch, cooling off.


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