Posted by: soniahs | December 16, 2011

Friday bunnyblogging

So a few weeks ago, we had to take Noe to the vet ER because she seemed to be in acute pain. She also wasn’t eating, which for a rabbit is bad news. If they aren’t munching on something fibrous every few hours, they can go into gastrointestinal stasis and die within a day.

To keep the story short, Noe was ultimately fine. We think she had a bad arthritis flare-up, and for some reason it was painful enough that she didn’t want to eat. Since she was even refusing treats, and was in a lot of pain, and it was 7:30 on a Saturday night, we went to the ER. Where she got some x-rays taken:

Side view of Noe.

Top view. Note the freakishly long claws. Only part of that actually comes out of the fur. She's like a velociraptor!

There’s no real obvious problem with her inner bits (or so the vet assured us- I can’t really interpret this). So she got a shot of an opiate and some antibiotics, and we took her home. We had to do a bit of force feeding to get food into her stomach, and she was groggy enough to actually put up with it- when she’s in a better mood, she’ll freak out at this, which is how we know she really doesn’t need it. Then a few hours later, she started eating on her own. Crisis averted!

Of course, we ended up taking her in to thee regular vet the next day for a re-check. And then she got a bladder infection (sigh) and had to go in again. But she’s fine now. Perils of having an older pet, I guess.

"I'm fine. Now either give me some parsley or let me sleep."



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