Posted by: soniahs | April 17, 2012

Plants on Caladesi Island

On our recent trip to Caladesi Island, I tried to do a better job of taking photos than I usually do. The birding wasn’t great when we were there, so I had time to take some photos of plants.

Some of my attempts at photography were pretty mixed, as seen in this attempted close-up shot:

Wax myrtle (I think).

This plant I didn’t want to get too close to, but the photo turned out fine anyway. Cute little flowers.

Poison ivy.

I had more luck with some of the smaller plants. This lupine was pretty- a patch of it was blooming along the trail, with bees buzzing all around:

Sky-blue lupine.

Then there were some tiny succulents along dips in the trail:

Water hyssop.

I’m not sure about the identification about some of these the species we saw. I think the pines were longleaf pines, but I’m not 100% sure. Here’s a young one:

Longleaf pine?

Then there was one shrub that I though would be really easy to identify from the photos, and apparently is not. It was growing along the trail next to buttonwood and mangrove, so I’m assuming there was a fair amount of brackish groundwater there. These look like pretty old flowers. At first, I thought the yellow parts were a keel-like structure, as in the Fabaceae (pea family), but now that I look at the photo again, it looks like there are some shriveled up petals in there too. So I’m drawing a blank on this one. Any suggestions?

Mystery plant.


  1. No clue on the mystery plant.


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