Posted by: soniahs | July 6, 2012

Friday bunnyblogging: Noe’s 10th birthday!

Noe turns 10 years old sometime this week or the next! We don’t have the exact date, but we decided to celebrate anyway.

First, she got to spend the night outside of her cage. From the poo on our bedroom floor, she decided to sleep in the room with us, and the fan (she loves the fan). Sigh.

After cleaning up her poo, we made her a birthday salad.

What’s this? Salad? For me? (Photo: Y. Fernandez)

I’m not sure why you’re having me stand here, but my gluttony outweighs my suspicion. Nom nom nom. (Photo: Y. Fernandez)

Carrots- my favorite! (Photo: Y. Fernandez)

I -murf- love carroths! (Photo: Y. Fernandez)

Ooh- tomatoes are good too! (Photo: Y. Fernandez)

Happy 10th birthday, Noe!



  1. Happy birthday you little cutie!


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