Posted by: soniahs | August 10, 2012

Friday bunnyblogging

Noe got a fascinating treat recently.

We put some alfalfa hay in the center of an empty oatmeal container, and packed timothy hay around it. Alfalfa is apparently teh awesome, though we have to ration it for her because of its high protein content. But like a shark, she can smell the stuff from a mile away, so she spent hours trying to get at it (with naps in between).

Unfortunately, she didn’t eat all the timothy, so there was a trail of it across the living room floor.

Entropy bun. (Photo: Y. Fernandez)

She eventually did go back and eat some of the hay, so to some extent she’s a self-tidying creature…



  1. I’m thinking bunnies have a lot of eating to do to prevent someone from having a lot of cleaning to do……….lol


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