Posted by: soniahs | August 31, 2012

Friday bunnyblogging: Noe on vacation

Okay, so Noe actually doesn’t “vacation,” as such. But she’s been to quit a few places when I traveled, mostly in her younger years.

When I lived on Oahu, she came with me to Kauai twice for family visits. The first time, she stayed with me in my parents’ office-the only room that the cats wouldn’t meow constantly at the door of when they were being kept out (though there was some pug-snuffling at the door by the dog):

“Vacation sure seems like jail. I’m sure your mom wouldn’t mind if I chewed on her files.”

The second time, we got to stay in a guest room, where the cats and dogs weren’t allowed. Here, Mom was very sweet and bought a baby gate to install on the door, so it could stay open and give her a breeze.

While a nice gesture, that turned out to be a mistake. It took Noe abut 10 minutes to decide that the gate was the most interesting part of the room, and then a minute after that to realize that only one well-positioned nip would allow her to make a hole in the plastic mesh. That baby gate had about 20 minutes of usefulness.

Luckily, Mom was a good sport about the whole thing. Though the sarcastic comments about well-trained pets weren’t really appreciated.



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