Posted by: soniahs | November 7, 2012

Post-election gardening

After a very long weekend leading up to the election, I finally got back into the garden to check on everything. I was in last week to mulch the second border path, do some weeding, and fertilize with bunny poop, but had not time to get in there since.

I’d last been in to look at things about five days ago, and I was wondering how the plants were doing. Because the community garden has a sprinkler system and deer fence, we have a lot less to worry about than most gardeners in this area. One thing I was wondering about was whether we’d have to think about thinning the bok choy again… and it seems we do.

Two vibrant rows of bok choy!

We planted seeds a bit more than three weeks ago, and most of them have really been doing well. The bok choy’s nearly at the stage where it’ll have to be thinned again. It seems that the beans that were planted by the previous tenant have finally about had it, but I did manage to get a few pods from them, which I’ll eat tonight.

The misome is also doing really well. It’s had less insect damage than the bok choy, and has these lovely dark green leaves. It sure looks yummy.

Good-looking misome. Our fennel and small eggplants are on the left of the photo.

The radishes and carrots that we planted from seed are also doing well. Though we double-planted the rows and the radishes seem to be shading the carrots quite a bit. Some of them will be ready for harvesting in a few days- we like to eat the leaves as well as the roots, so even if the early roots are small they’ll be appreciated. I did peek at the top of one of the radishes and it looks like the root’s attained about a 1-cm diameter. So a bit soon for harvesting.

The radishes are growing really well. They must love the bunny poop!

Out collards and kale are also doing really well. We planted those from seedlings rather than seeds, so they’re further apart.

The herbs that were already in the plot are doing fine- since fertilizing, one of the mints (peppermint I think) seems really happy. There was also a fennel and small eggplants that are going quite well, though the last two older eggplants may have had their day. But I kind of like the aesthetic of having some taller plants in there, so don’t want to pull them just yet. Plus they’re flowering, so attract pollinators. So far, I’ve seen five or six different kinds of butterflies in the garden, which is neat.

Baby lizard on bok choy.



  1. the bok choy would be welcomed in the tundra this time of year

  2. Quite true. It’s also poetically appropriate that the rabbit will be able to eat veggies fertilized by her own poop.


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