Posted by: soniahs | November 16, 2012

Friday bunnyblogging

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Noe is a pretty clean creature. She’s constantly bathing and grooming herself. It’s especially interesting to watch her wash her ears. They’re quite flexible.

First wet the paws…

(As an aside, she likes to sit near the shelf that we keep our plastic bag recycling on. Hence the background.)

… it seems the paparazzi are interrupting her bath.

We took these photos a few weeks ago, when she had some allergies. So her eyes are a bit pink.

Wash the forehead…

It’s a bit hard to make out, but her sense of balance is a bit off since she’s had the arthritis. So she sits further back on her rump than she used to.

Here she’s balancing on her heels and tail.

Bath all done- now time to see if the humans will give her a snack.

And she’s conveniently located near the fridge, too.



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