Posted by: soniahs | November 29, 2012

Gardening: the inevitable consequences

Okay, so the inevitable consequence of planting all the pak choy at once is having to eat tons of pak choy every day. I realize this now. Should have realized it earlier, but live and learn, I suppose. Looks like Plan B (which we can pretend stands for “bountiful harvest,” and not as a testament to planting over-enthusiastically to begin with) will be a pak choy giveaway.

Really mature pak choy.

Other than the massive quantities of cabbagey veggies, other things are still growing at a more manageable pace. Most of the remaining radishes were harvested today, and the sprouts for the new radishes have just started to pop up. So in a few weeks we’ll have more.

When the radishes start peeping out of the soil, it’s time to harvest them.

The collard greens are not quite starting to go crazy yet, though those at least freeze well, so it’ll be easier to save them for later. Our one remaining fennel is doing nicely, as are the italian parsley and cilantro seedlings. The cilantro is all “volunteers” from the existing soil seed bank, which is pretty neat.

Happy fennel.

The misome seems to be doing better than the pak choy, in the sense that it’s not starting to look too old. With the pak choy, some of the leaf bases are starting to split on the bigger plants, which suggests it’s really time to harvest them. So that’ll be the first priority. When we replant pak choy, I’ll definitely be less ambitious- it did much better than I expected, so definitely less is needed.

The misome is still going strong.



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