Posted by: soniahs | December 28, 2012

Friday bunnyblogging

Noe is glad we’re back from vacation. Although she does just fine with her bunnysitter, she seems to get lonely when we’re gone.

I'm waiting for you to feed me here.

It’s good that you’re back.

Of course, sometimes we wonder if she really enjoys our company, or whether it’s just important for her to have someone around to feed her whenever she asks for food.


And I’m so hungry.

She certainly hasn’t forgotten the 10 p.m. pellets time, though she keeps trying to push it up to 9 p.m. (she really hates Daylight Savings Time).


It’s been over 15 minutes since I had a snack!

Yes, it’s hard to tell if we’re really just automatic food dispensers to her…


You can pet me when I’m done eating.

…though with the amount of petting she’s demanded, that’s probably not the case.



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