Posted by: soniahs | March 1, 2013

Friday bunnyblogging

I missed bunnyblogging last week, but Noe is still up to her usual tricks.

This week, she decided to start one morning by eating a book of piano music that has been hanging out on our keyboard for four years without her paying any attention to it. It’s telling that even half-asleep I can differentiate the usual sound of her chewing on cardboard (we keep boxes around to indulge her in this) from ripping into “G# exercise Number One.”


What? I’m just eating hay!

I feel justified in bothering her by taking photos while she’s eating after this latest incident. I guess it shows that no matter what routine a rabbit gets into, she will one day get bored and find any chewable products you assumed were safe.


I’ll just go back to eating, then.



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