Posted by: soniahs | March 15, 2013

Friday bunnyblogging

One of my recent projects has been to make a rag rug out of some old t-shirts. I used these instructions, though my rug didn’t come out nearly as nice as the one pictured. Aside from practice, I suspect that it would take cutting the rags into evenly-sized strips and more planning in terms of color pattern to get a finished product that’s actually pretty.

But it’s my first attempt at making a rug, and it’s functional, so I’m satisfied with it.

Noe likes it too:

Nice and soft on her little bunny feet.

Nice and soft on her little bunny feet.

Unfortunately, she seems to like it too much– when I placed it in its permanent location, she hopped up to it and started to nibble! This is a big problem, first because eating fabric is bad for her, and second because now we can’t actually use the rug because there is nowhere in the apartment that Noe does not go.

I fear that our only course will be to give the rug away, but unfortunately its aesthetic limitations will make that a problem…


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