About me

This is my blog on science communication, the environment, and an occasional social comment. I am Sonia Stephens, a recent Presidential Fellow and doctoral graduate of the University of Central Florida.

I am interested in the broad field of science communication, particularly in using digital tools to communicate science. I am particularly interested in using digital tools to expand the range of visual metaphors we use for science communication. My current research focuses on developing an interactive visualization as a communication/education tool about evolution.

My other research questions include: How can science communicators effectively engage with the public on environmental and other science-related issues? What rhetorical strategies can be effectively employed in science communication to take advantage of new media? How can studies of visual rhetoric inform environmental communication strategies?

I have a PhD in Texts and Technology from the University of Central Florida, and a MS in Botany and Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology and BS in Biology with a minor in Music from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Terpsinoe musica is a diatom species whose pseudosepta look like little musical notes. And how cute is that? Terpsinoe is also the name of my pet rabbit, featured in the Friday Bunnyblogging posts that are, at times, all I have time to put up here…

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